Journal of Multicultural Discourses Call for Papers

Journal of Multicultural Discourses

Journal of Multicultural Discourses (JMD) is a premier international journal in discourse studies which aims to enhance cultural diversity, equality and prosperity in social life as well as in scholarship.

A forerunner in the cultural politics of language, communication or discourse research, the journal has published over the past five years numerous articles on Asian, African, Latin American, as well as western, approaches to discourses in diverse cultural settings.

To consolidate its multicultural-intellectual project and to answer to the challenges of the contemporary times, the journal welcomes papers especially, though not exclusively, on the following subject matters:


  • Cultural dialogue and critique on research perspectives and frameworks
  • Culturally unique, or innovative, approaches
  • Culturally inclusive or pluralist approaches
  • Discourses of cultural marginalization, repression or imperialism
  • Discourses of (under-)development
  • Discourses of cultural transformation
  • Discourses of cultural cooperation or harmony

Submission Guidelines

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Editorial information

  • Editor-in-Chief: Professor Shi-xu, Bowling Green State University, USA (