Journal of Asian Public Policy Special Issue Call for Papers

Policy Entrepreneurship in Asia

Journal of Asian Public Policy

The special issue seeks to advance scholarly understanding of policy entrepreneurship in Asia. Policy entrepreneurs engage in collaborative action to promote broad societal changes. They distinguish themselves from other political actors through their willingness to promote policy innovations that are new within specific contexts. In promoting innovations, policy entrepreneurs often display a willingness to cross institutional and organizational boundaries that other political actors tend to stay within. Much has been written on policy entrepreneurs, but opportunity exists to bring a focused investigation on the actions of policy entrepreneurs in Asia. Recent case studies from China indicate that policy entrepreneurship occurs there, even though the political system is very different from the political system in the United States, where the notion of policy entrepreneurship was first coined. It is important to know what motivates policy entrepreneurs and how they negotiate with their political operating contexts.

We encourage academics to further explore the roles of policy entrepreneurs in Asia. Policy entrepreneurs can include elected politicians, public managers, interest groups, and advocacy organisations. Research papers should be theory-driven with novel empirical content. Use of case studies, historical analyses and comparative analyses is strongly encouraged. Suggestions for papers include:

  • One-country case studies of policy entrepreneurs
  • Comparison of the actions of policy entrepreneurs in the same country
  • Comparison of the actions of policy entrepreneurs across different countries

Submission Guidelines

Authors are encouraged to begin the submission process by providing a 200-word abstract indicating the substantive topic of their paper and the empirical research strategy to be applied. Abstracts should be provided by 30 January 2019 to Michael Mintrom (

Upon review of abstracts, select authors will be encouraged to develop and submit a full manuscript for peer review by 30 March 2019.

Contributors are strongly advised to review the following work as they prepare their proposals and papers.



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Editorial information

  • Special Issue Guest Editor: Michael Mintrom, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (
  • Special Issue Co-Editor: Dayashankar Maurya, Healthcare Management Program, T A Pai Management Institute, India (
  • Special Issue Co-Editor: Alex Jingwei He, The Education University of Hong Kong ( )