Contemporary Music Review Call for Papers: Special Issue

Special Issue on Composer George Crumb

Contemporary Music Review

The music of George Crumb (b. 1929) emerged during some of the most critical times in recent music history. Encompassing elements of style, image and formal concept from the musical developments of the post-war period, his scores develop sophisticated calligraphic notational techniques and instrumentations, while also retaining a lyrical and aesthetically beautiful sound, as well as demonstrating a strong influence of Americana.  Beginning with Charles Ives, George Crumb is part of a small and important group of composers who have inspired and nurtured a distinctively American contemporary music. A recent resurgence of interest in his work suggests that his musical concerns have a contemporary relevance.

We are interested in research on George Crumb’s works, techniques and philosophies as part of a wide view of his music and thought. For this special issue we invite proposals on:

  • Analysis of works and musical cycles of George Crumb
  • Notational and technical comparisons between Crumb’s works and other composers
  • Interviews with George Crumb
  • Research on the implications and effect George Crumb’s music has on his audiences and society
  • Biographical research on George Crumb, including his pedagogic methods
  • Performance practice when performing George Crumb’s music

Other topics may be considered at the discretion of the guest editors.

Submission Instructions

Abstracts of 300 words or less should be sent to by 1 April 2019. Authors will be notified by 30 April 2019 if they are selected to submit a full paper. Full papers will be due 30 September 2019.