International Journal of Cultural Policy Invitation to Contribute

New Annual Special Issue: Cultural Diplomacy and International Cultural Relations

International Journal of Cultural Policy

The International Journal of Cultural Policy has been receiving an increasing stream of articles looking at questions of cultural diplomacy and international cultural relations. In order to bring out connections and facilitate dialogue within this subsector of our field, the journal will be setting aside from 2017 at least one special issue for these topics each year.

In keeping with the aims and scope of the Journal, the cultural policies in question will be understood in terms of the promotion or prohibition of cultural practices and values by governments, corporations, other institutions and individuals. The policies may be explicit, in that their objectives are openly described as cultural, or implicit, in that the cultural objectives are concealed or described in other terms. The distinguishing feature of the articles gathered in this annual issue will be that they consider policies targeting populations which lie beyond the national and/or cultural ‘frontiers’ or ‘base’ of the agents devising them.  

The Journal moves to 6 issues in 2017.

Submission instructions

If you would like to contribute to our future special issues on cultural diplomacy and international cultural relations, please visit our ‘Instructions for Authors’ and submit your manuscript online. Accepted articles will be published on the Journal’s online platform within 4-6 weeks of the return of proofs and assigned to the next available special issue. As this will be a repeating special issue, submissions can be made at any time.