Journal of Critical Realism Call for Papers for a Special Issue

Applied critical realism in the social sciences

Journal of Critical Realism

There is widespread interest in using critical realism and increasing numbers of researchers are drawing on this body of ideas to inform their research. This has led to significant advances in applied thought being documented within both method and applied textbooks. This excellent work needs to continue to ensure that developments in applying critical realist ideas continue to be shared amongst critical realist scholars. The spirit of this call is to provide an outlet for articles that detail, analyse and discuss how critical realist ideas have been applied within new research. With other philosophies of science already benefitting from numerous readers, guides and journals that inform methodology and method, it is timely for Journal of Critical Realism to provide a similar outlet. The aim of the special issue therefore is to mark the beginning of the regular publication of reflective articles, exploring the use and development of critical realist ideas within applied settings. We hope this call encourages submission of articles from those wishing to publish exemplars of applied work, reflections on the use of critical realism, and those detailing metatheoretical developments. We encourage all types of submissions concerning applied critical realism including:

  • Critical realist metatheory and theoretical development
  • Understanding immanent critique
  • Using critical realism in applied research
  • Identifying causal powers and understanding their influence
  • Critical realist methods for developing causal explanations
  • Understanding retroduction in applied settings
  • Using critical realism in policy, practice and applied settings
  • Applying the morphogenetic approach within research
  • Exemplars of applied research
  • Reflection pieces on research informed by critical realism
  • Developments in emancipatory research, sustainability or alternative future theorising
  • Understanding the critical realist embrace
  • Using dialectical critical realism and/or the philosophy of metaReality within applied settings

Timeline for submissions

1. Submission of full papers to Journal of Critical Realism will open on 1st August 2016 and close on 31st May 2017. 
2. All papers will be subject to peer review. Feedback period June - July, 2017. Final decisions by 31st August 2017.
3. Final papers required by December 19th, 2017.
4. Publication in JCR 16(2) April 2018.

To submit a paper for this special issue please follow this link:

When submitting, you will be asked whether your paper is for a themed issue. Please answer: Yes, Applied Critical Realism.

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