The European Legacy: Toward New Paradigms Special Issue

Reconsidering Democracy

The European Legacy

Dramatic changes have occurred in the West in the past quarter century.

The fall of communism, the apparent victory of liberal democracy, and the rise of globalization together with the effort to project a new Europe that is united, peaceful and prosperous into the future, illustrate that the notion of democracy as instantiating the desire for freedom is at the core of these transformative events.

Thus, an understanding of the West’s political past, present and potential future directs us to reconsider the question: What is democracy?

In this special issue of the European Legacy: Toward New Paradigms, we will explore the theme of democracy in the history of political philosophy, literature and historical writing.

We would welcome articles that address the following and related themes, as articulated by political philosophers, artists or historians from antiquity to the contemporary period:

  • the philosophic, moral or historical foundations of democracy.
  • the structures, institutional framework, and ends of democracy.
  • the relation of democracy to the possibility of collective and/or individual freedom.
  • the relation of democracy and the idea of public reason. 
  • potential challenges to democracy or dangers that may arise from it.
  • reflections about what democracy will, or should, look like or aspire to in the future.

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Submission Information

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Deadline for submitting abstracts: March 30, 2018

Deadline for submitting articles: September 15, 2018 

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